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Latające Oko. For eyeing.

When you think about it, the possibilities are plentiful. Starting from the left-hand side, carefully examining the trail going South-East; all the way to the border... oh, wait: there's a margin. Or, starting from the back, flicking through the pages back-to-front, with your thumb as the guide that dictates the rhythm of paging - slowly scrutinising or scanning fast, as you like it. Or... you can try to hold it at an arm's length -- squint, focus. And again. Revisiting an image, you discover its new shades, new aspects, new sensations...

Latające Oko creates for insatiable eyes. We are here for art lovers. We are here for fans of peculiar objects. We are here for those special individuals who, just like ourselves, are drawn to the strange, the eccentric, the Other.
Alicja Pismenko
{ the brains behind the Latające Oko }
/ telefon / 798 878 103

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Michalina Zawadka
{ the doer at the Latające Oko }
/ telefon / 535 433 119
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